40td Annual Angus Bull & Female Sale

January 28, 2017   •   1:00 p.m.
At The Ranch
30954 Juniper Ave.
  •   Hinton, Iowa 51024

Featuring 159 Head + 40 Head Selling Privately

41 Elite Spring Bred Angus Cows

78 Black, Red & Baldy Commercial Bred Heifers

40 Coming Two Year Old Bulls

• 40 Spring Bred Cows (Selling Privately After the Sale)


Roger Jauer ph. (712) 947-4357, cell (712) 253-0046

Kurt Jauer ph. cell (712) 253-8710

Doug Jauer cell (712) 253-0125, email doug@jauerangus.com


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Spring Bred Cows
Lots 1 - 41

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Commercial Heifers
Lots 45 - 122

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2 Year Old Bulls
Lots 130 - 177

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This year we are selling 40 spring bred cows privately.  Most are young cows with a long life in front of them.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of these lots.

Click here for a list of private treaty cows

Buyers unable to attend the sale may send their bids to the Field Representatives, the Auctioneer, or the Jauer family.  Bids will be handled with the strictest of confidentiality. 

Contact us ahead of time if you would like to bid over the phone.

Real-time online viewing and bidding is also available.  Go to http://www.liveauctions.tv/ - an account must be created two days prior to the sale.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting us online!  At Jauer Dependable Genetics, we have worked hard to provide a genetic package that you can take back and affect positive change in your herd.  Our bred cows and heifers are high capacity, moderately framed, fertile females that will thrive in grass and forage environments.  They will breed back and produce calves that go out and work in the real world.  Jauer bulls are easy fleshing with tremendous libidos.  They will get your cows bred without the need for supplemental feed or grain to maintain their body weight, and their calves will be deep, thick replacements that will stay in your herd.   At Jauer Dependable Genetics, fleshing ability is bred in - not fed on!  And in these days, feed efficiency in your cows is paramount.   We invite you to browse the pictures below and check out the entire sale offering.  Thank you, and we hope to see you at the sale.

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Lot 1
Jauer 203 Emblazon 330 7181

Lot 2
Jauer 492 Homer 24 7220

Lot 3
Jauer 492 Homer 044 8188

Lot 4
Jauer 523 Moderato 2035 9167

Lot 6
Jauer 320 Judge 4093 8195

Lot 7
Jauer Tremendous 7214 084

Lot 8
Jauer 320 Judge 55 8164

Lot 9
Jauer Moderator 061 896

Lot 12
Jauer Prophet 5151 9024

Lot 14
Jauer Unbelievable 606 0147

Lot 15
Jauer 7031 Jupiter 8186 0466

Lot 16
Jauer Paxton 3227 7012

Lot 22
Jauer 1105 Travelr 2123 4205

Lot 34
Jauer 1020 Honesty 5304 7120

Lot 37
Jauer New Life 465 066

Lot 41
Jauer Commercial 0126 3212

Commercial Heifers(click on image to show full sized photo)

Lot 50
Jauer Vagle 5842

Lot 66
Jauer Oetken 5894

Lot 81
Jauer Vondrak 5855

Lot 83
Jauer Vondrak 5856

Lot 84
Jauer Lad 6353 5812

Lot 91
Jauer Vagle 5839

Lot 109
Jauer Van Gelder 5823
Two Year Old Bulls:  (click on image to show full sized photo)

Lot 131
Jauer Primo 820 57

Lot 141
Jauer Mountain Pass 0152 559

Lot 143
Jauer Standard 246 575

Lot 148
Jauer Jet Stream 5157 587

Lot 149
Jauer Rancher 021 595

Lot 154
Jauer 283 Restyle 0108 5116

Lot 159
Jauer Red Alert 0467 5311

Lot 162
Jauer Red Alert 8182 5327

Lot 171
Jauer 159 Koupal 9158 4406

Lot 175
Jauer 159 Juneau 899 4433

Lot 176
Jauer 159 Juneau 899 4433

Lot 177
Jauer Advisor 823 4517

Welcome to Jauer Dependable Genetics 40th Annual Angus Bred Female and Bull Sale.  This is a milestone sale for us and we would like to thank you for your continued interest in our breeding program.  We would like to extend our gratitude to all our past customers’ support - especially the repeat buyers.  We really do appreciate your business.

It certainly has been a wild ride in the cattle business the last few years.  If we’ve learned anything from this experience, it has to be that good times (and bad times) don’t always last.  Often times, success depends on preparations made in the good times and the smart decisions made in the down years.  Maintaining a consistent path through the cattle cycle requires some forward thinking.  We’ve found that by consistently producing high value animals and keeping our expenses down, we’re more likely to weather the down times and prosper in the good years. 

We read a lot about all the current trends in the cattle business.  A few years ago when the market was up, everyone was chasing extreme growth and high EPD numbers.  Now you read a lot more about things like efficiency, moderate frame size, and calving ease.  The question is; if you’re always chasing the latest trend, how do you maintain any consistency or predictability in your cow herd?  At Jauer Dependable Genetics, we have stayed the course of producing low input, easy fleshing, high volume, moderate frame cattle that thrive in real world conditions.  For over 40 years, the scope of our program has been the production of efficient, maternal lines of Angus cattle.  We understand that the mamma cow is the base of any cow/calf operation and if you can start with a female that will calve unassisted, raise a good calf, get fat on grass, and breed back each year; the rest will take care of itself.  A herd of efficient cows that don’t need large amounts of supplemental feed and grain to survive will keep expenses down and produce a valuable set of calves year after year.

Once you have that solid base of efficient cows, you can breed them any way that fits your operation.  If you are a purebred Angus breeder, you’ll love the consistency our genetics exhibit.  There is a confidence that comes along with knowing exactly how your cattle will breed.  Breeders from outside breeds trying to make hybrid F-1 calves will appreciate the power and depth our genetics bring.  Just take a look at the Hereford/Angus and Gelbvieh Balancer hybrids in this sale and you will see how our cattle cross with other breeds.  The hybrid vigor they exhibit is impressive.  Club calf breeders will appreciate the structural correctness and width of rib our cattle possess.   And the grass finishers can put our cattle right into their programs without worrying about them losing weight and falling apart.  Our cattle thrive in the native grass regions of the Mountain West to the fescue pastures of the Deep South.  We feel the versatility our cattle offer is what sets us apart from other programs.

If this is the approach you have been searching for, look no further.  The cattle in this sale come right from the heart of our herd and there is tremendous depth in the entire offering of bred cows, bred commercial heifers, and coming two year old bulls.  The cows are stout and productive and many are strong candidates for flushing programs.  Check out the fancy set of black, red, and baldy commercial bred heifers again this year.  The bull offering is among the best we have ever produced.  They are the kind that will produce the elite type of females you see in this sale.  They are the top 50% of our bull crop and none have been sold from this group prior to the sale.  We hope you will come and evaluate the cattle for yourself.  If not, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the animals that fit your needs.  Feel free to call us if we can answer any questions about our program.

See you on January 28th.


The Jauer Family

Click Here for directions to our sale facility
30945 Juniper Ave. Hinton, IA 51024

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