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38td Annual Angus Bull & Female Sale

January 31, 2015   •   1:00 p.m.
At The Ranch
30954 Juniper Ave.
  •   Hinton, Iowa 51024

Featuring 191 Head + 50 Head Selling Privately (after the sale)

39 Elite Spring Bred Angus Cows
14 Fall Bred Cows with Calves at Side
74 Black & Baldy Commercial Bred Heifers
52 Coming Two Year Old Bulls
20 Fall Bred Pairs (Selling Privately)
20 Commercial Bred Heifers (Selling Privately)
• 10 Commercial Bred Cows (Selling Privately)


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Lots 1 - 20, 33 - 54
Spring Bred Cows
[text only]

Lots 3, 38, 21 - 32
Fall Bred Cows w/Calves
[text only]

Lots 55 - 128
Comm. Spring Bred Heifers
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Lots 131-186
Coming 2 Yr. Old Bulls
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Buyers unable to attend the sale may send their bids to the Field Representatives, the Auctioneer, or the Jauer family.  Bids will be handled with the strictest of confidentiality. 

Contact us ahead of time if you would like to bid over the phone.

Real-time online viewing and bidding is also available.  Go to - an account must be created two days prior to the sale.

    Welcome, and thank you for visiting us online!  At Jauer Dependable Genetics, we have worked hard to provide a genetic package that you can take back and affect positive change in your herd.  Our bred cows and heifers are high capacity, moderately framed, fertile females that will thrive in grass and forage environments.  They will breed back and produce calves that go out and work in the real world.  Jauer bulls are easy fleshing with tremendous libidos.  They will get your cows bred without the need for supplemental feed or grain to maintain their body weight, and their calves will be deep, thick replacements that will stay in your herd.   At Jauer Dependable Genetics, fleshing ability is bred in - not fed on!  And in these days of high feed and grain costs, feed efficiency in your cows is paramount.   We invite you to browse the pictures below and check out the entire sale offering.  Thank you, and we hope to see you at the sale.

Short video clips are available on select sale lots.
Click below to view videos.

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Spring Bred Cow

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Fall Bred Cows w/Calves

Click here it view
Coming 2 Year Old Bulls

Click below to view color photos of select sale lots.
Additional black and white photos are available in the catalog.

Lot 1
Jauer Mitchell 303 736

Lot 2
Jauer Mitchell 1000 737

Lot 4
Jauer Neville 1038 786

Lot 5
Jauer Mitchell 366 735

Lot 6
Jauer Glanworth 513 7090

Lot 7
Jauer 173 Anchor 8215 7400

Lot 8
Jauer 4C6 Ambush 2032 574

Lot 9
Jauer Picture Perf 1072 816

Lot 10
Jauer 1020 Honesty 0162 7133

Lot 13
Jauer 320 Judge 0161 8172

Lot 14
Jauer Night Watch 0117 612

Lot 15
Jauer 813 Pict Perf 442 1191

Lot 16
Jauer 523 Moderator 823 1112

Lot 34
Jauer 203 Emblazon 157 6117

Lot 42
Jauer 8048 Judge 8261 0374

Lot 46
Jauer 662 Moderator 680 8260

Fall Bred Cows w/Calves at Side:  (click on image to show full sized photo)

Lot 3
Jauer Kanga 301 581

Lot 38
Jauer Storm 896 2505

Lot 22
Jauer NZ 41/97 0116 7086

Lot 24
Jauer Laredo 282 422

Lot 26
Jauer Linebred 5020 7017

Lot 27
Jauer Lau 7432

Lot 30
Jauer Reed 7423

Lot 31
Jauer Night Watch 6173 1042

Lot 21
Jauer 1020 Honesty 564 8110

Lot 21
with Koupal 159 bull calf

Lot 21 calf
Jauer 159 Koupal 8110 4400

Lot 32 calf
Jauer 159 Koupal 1056 4413
Commercial Heifers:  (click on image to show full sized photo)

Lot 57
Jauer Oetken 3875

Lot 59
Jauer 320 Judge 9471 3819

Lot 60
Jauer Oetken 3879

Lot 64
Jauer Advisor 7400 3826

Lot 83
Jauer Vondrak 3818

Lot 96
Jauer Universal 8408 2519

Lot 97
Jauer Oetken 3872

Lot 108
Jauer Advisor 7454 3836
Two Year Old Bulls:  (click on image to show full sized photo)

Lot 141
Jauer Redl Game Day 9157 313

Lot 149
Jauer Juneau 7133 349

Lot 148
Jauer Night Watch 0344 365

Lot 157
Jauer 159 Juneau 8128 3020

Lot 162
Jauer Freemen 0264 3084

Lot 169
Jauer 860 Travelodg 991 3146

Lot 180
Jauer Conquest 1700 3705

Lot 181
Jauer Conquest 0411 3751

We would like to invite you to Jauer Dependable Genetics 2015 bred female & bull sale.

Has your program been affected by recent droughts, winter storms, or some economic instability?  If you plan to rebuild or expand your herd in 2015, we feel now is the time to make the smart financial decision to stock your herd with genetics that can help insulate you against future environmental and economic adversity.  A low maintenance, productive cow herd that can efficiently utilize available resources is the key, and selecting for a functional body type is a must if you want to maximize profitability in today’s uncertain environment.  Since 1969, the focus of our program has been the production of cows and bulls that will fit into any program and produce offspring that will affect change by increasing the efficiency of the replacements in that herd.  At Jauer Dependable Genetics, we select our bulls and replacement females for depth, thickness, and moderate frame size.  We demand that our cattle are structurally sound and have an attractive phenotype with an extra dose of rib.  Selecting for real world traits like fleshing ability on grass, low birth, and maternal efficiency is what makes it possible for our breeding stock to not only survive, but to thrive regardless of the weather and economic conditions.

Unfortunately, many Angus breeders are headed in the direction of breeding for extreme EPDs.  We understand the importance of using EPD numbers, but breeding for extreme EPDs is creating terminal type females that have high maintenance requirements.  There’s a lot more involved in breeding efficient cows than just selecting for EPD numbers, but that is what makes our program unique.  We feel a common sense approach avoiding extremes and keeping everything in balance is imperative.  We’ve been breeding cattle this way for over 40 years and find this system stands the test of time.

Recently we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of black baldy, blaze face, and other hybrid cattle.  The strong return of Simm-Angus, Hereford-Angus, and other cross breeding programs is the industry’s way of bringing back the much needed efficiency it lacks.  Putting these other breeds on the right kind of Angus cow is very important.  Starting with a strong maternal base of low birth, moderate frame size, depth of rib, and fleshing ability like the cattle you see in our program is what really makes this combination work.  We’ve bred a few of our cows this way and the results are awesome.  The yield is a deep, thick, high capacity, eye appealing hybrid animal that will have good growth characteristics and still be forage efficient.  These cows are the matriarchs you can build a program around.  They will add an extra dose of rib and fleshing ability to your progeny whether you are crossing Hereford, Simmental, or any other breed or breeding purebred Angus. 

If this sounds appealing to you, the cattle in the sale will definitely excite you.  They come right from the heart of our program and there is tremendous depth in the entire offering of bred cows, bred commercial heifers, and coming two year old bulls.  The cows are stout and productive and many are strong candidates for flushing programs.  Check out the fancy set of commercial bred heifers again this year.  The bull offering is the best we’ve ever produced.  They are the kind that will produce the elite type females that you can cross or use to enhance a purebred program.  They are the top 50% of our bull crop and none have been sold from this group prior to the sale.  We hope you will come and evaluate the cattle for yourself.  If not, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the animals that fit your needs.  Feel free to call us if we can answer any questions about our program.

See on January 31st,

The Jauer Family

Click Here for directions to our sale facility
30945 Juniper Ave. Hinton, IA 51024

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