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Welcome to Jauer Dependable Genetics.   Our goal is to be your source for maternally efficient, forage-effective, real world Angus genetics.  Our breeding program utilizes moderately framed cattle that thrive in grass and forage environments. We have applied this philosophy over the past 40 years to produce a highly efficient, “bovine factory” can be mated a variety of ways - to produce the type of calf that fits directly into your program.  Our typical customer base includes seed-stock breeders, club-calf breeders, breeders that cross our cattle with outside breeds to make F-1 females and bulls, as well as commercial producers and grass-beef finishers.  The adaptability our cattle offer to each of these different sectors of the beef industry is what sets our program apart from our competition. 

Increasing profitability in the beef industry has always been challenging, but if we can decrease our costs while maintaining a reasonable level of production, it will go a long way toward boosting our bottom line.  The largest expense for most producers is their breeding females.   A herd of deep, thick, high capacity, size 4 frame cows will consume fewer resources allowing you to raise more animals on the same number of acres than a herd of larger framed, big boned, inefficient cows - thus producing more total output for the same or even fewer inputs.  At Jauer Dependable Genetics, we strive to produce females and bulls that can flourish on grass by excluding animals that need supplemental feed or grain to survive.  High production animals that need additional feed and care may look good on paper (with high EPD numbers), but these outliers will not fit into our program.   We have extensively line-bred our herd to enhance the traits that benefit efficiency, structural soundness, and longevity.  The result is an extremely consistent cow herd that goes out and works in the real world.  Breeding stock purchased from Jauer Dependable Genetics are guaranteed to enhance any herd whose objective is improved efficiency.  We invite you to browse the links above and explore the entire website.  Be sure to check out our private treaty sales page for a list of cattle for sale. Be sure to check back for information on our Bred Female and Bull Sale coming up on January, 2017.  As always, feel free to contact us with questions or comments on our program.


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